Sitemile Auction Theme Review for 2021 [With Screenshots]

Sitemile WordPress Auction Theme

So you are willing to start an auction site in an effortless manner? Well, You’re at the right Place!

We’ll be covering one such theme called the “Sitemile Auction Theme”, that will help you, create a fully functional auction site like  

This article on Sitemile Auction Theme Review will cover almost everything related to the theme such as its features, Interface, Admin dashboard, Front-end Interface and a lot more, that will help you know better about the theme.

 Is this the theme you’re looking, for your auction website? 

Let’s Find out!

A short overview.

One of the greatest advantage of using WordPress is that you need not have any coding or web designing skills to create a successful site. And there are tons of themes suited for every niche market.

Sitemile WordPress Auction theme is one of those themes best suited for an auction niche. It has everything you might need to create and design a successful auction site.

The customization features and the interface is super cool, so you can easily design your web page without putting much effort on to it. 

Key Features.

Let us have a quick look at the key features of the theme and the reason behind it’s popularity.

  • Auction Post and Auction Tools.
  • A complete Plug and Play theme, means you don’t have to do any customization settings. Just install it, activate it, and start using it.
  • A complete Responsive theme.
  • Includes the User Profiles/Shops feature.
  • Easy rating and feedback system – Users can rate their transactions after completing the process.
  • Supports credit card payments, PayPal and Escrow, payments with ease
  • Private messaging option – helps the buyers communicate with the sellers easily
  • Integrated Google Maps shows the exact location of the buyer
  • Support for Blogs
  • Supports multiple currencies such as USD, AUD, Euro, etc.
  • Proxy biding.
  • Social media integrated.

The Backend (Admin) Interface

The Backend of the website is where you find all the settings and customization options. This can only be accessed by you (as an admin or the owner of the website)

How to create an Auction Site using Sitemile Theme?

After you purchase the Sitemile auction theme from the official website, you can download, install and activate the theme similar to any other theme installation.

Once done with the above steps, the theme automatically creates two menu options on your admin dashboard. 

  1. Auction Theme: This option lets you control and customize your auction site.
  2. Auctions: Auctions option allows you to manage all of the auctions.

Settings - Sitemile Auction Theme

Once you’re done with the above steps of downloading and installing the theme, you can follow the points below to configure the auction theme for your website.

On your WordPress admin dashboard, click on the Auction Theme Menu Option on the left hand side and then navigate to the Site Summary

Admin Dashboard >> Auction Theme >> Site Summary

Site Summary

From the site summary option, you will get to know a few important things such as

  • The Total number of auctions
  • Number of Open and Closed Auctions.
  • Total no. of Users (admins, subscriber)
sitemile site summary
In short, the site summary option gives you an overview of your Auction Site.e

Main Settings

You can find the Main Settings tab under the general option.

Auction Theme >> General Settings >> Main Settings

The Main Settings option allows you to manage various settings for both the website and the auctions.

sitemile main settings
This is also the area where you enable the location option by entering the Google Maps API Some of the website settings you can find here are – enable or disable (search, main menu, reverse auction, max bid feature, bid increment, paypal address, shipping address) and a lot more.

NextBid Levels

Sitemile themes Nextbid level

The NextBid Level option can be used only if you enable the Maximum bid option/ feature under the General Settings. The main purpose of this option is to define the increment value of the maximum bid.

Email Settings

As the name says, this option is dedicated to everything related to notifications, emails and how you communicate with your user’s and the sellers of an auction item. Auction Theme >> Email Settings
sitemile theme email settings

Here you can add both the name and the email address of the admin or a person who’s responsible to send emails to the user’s and sellers.  Moreover, if you Plan to send  HTML elements from your email, you can enable the option.

You can also setup a template for your email when any activity occurs on your auction website such as new user registration, item sold, bid on auction item, item shipped and a lot more.

Pricing Settings

The Pricing option allows you configure 4 main verticals of the pricing namely – Currency, Listing Fee, Commissions and Custom commissions.

Auction Theme >> Pricing Settings

You can set the currency you prefer for your website from the first option.

auction theme price settings

Fees that are related to the listings can be done from the second option. You can set up the base, featured and the sealed fee.

The third option is dedicated to any commissions you charge (% or flat) when an auction is sold.  You can also enable the fee for the bid.

Lastly, the fourth tab gives you the freedom to set up the charges/ commissions depending upon a given price range.

Custom Pricing

The Custom Pricing option let’s you set the fee that you will charge for posting an auction depending upon the categories of your auction website.

Auction Theme >> Custom Pricing

custom pricing
Under the same option, you can set a price for the bid that the visitors would possibly make, under various categories.

Payment Gateways

The Sitemile Auction Theme provides you with 15+  payment gateway options.

This is to ensure that you have a seamless transaction across your auction website. Another benefit of providing multiple gateway is that your auction site can attract users from different regions.

payment gateways sitemile auction wordpress theme

Some of the gateways supported by the theme are PayPal, Payza, Stripe, Authorize, Payson, GoCoins, Skrill, iDeal, Bank Payment and a lot more.

Escrow to get virtual payment facilities. Since the theme is compatible with Escrow, you can find out the number of open and completed escrows, and many more.

User Reviews

When an auction is completed, both the seller and buyer can rate each other. Auction Theme >> User Reviews
User Reviews auction theme
And under the users review section, you can find the reviews, ratings, name, and time of each rating.

Private Messages

When any users send you a private message, you can read it from this tab. You can check out the the details of the both the message and the sender. 

Auction Theme >> Private Messages

There are also options for searching messages from any particular user.

Insite Transactions

This tab shows you detailed information about the transactions across your auction website. You can find the history of your transaction, names of the users, dates and time, amount of the transactions etc.


Here you can view every type of orders, done and pending on your auction site.

Auction Theme >> Orders 

The order options include paid orders, unpaid orders, unshipped orders, paid and not shipped orders, paid and shipped orders etc.


This is the section related to your monetization. Apart from charging commissions and fees from auctions and listings, you can also make a way to earn through advertisement slots.

Auction Theme >> Advertising

sitemile auction theme advertisement option

You can offer banner ad slots of various parts of your website such as the Header, Auction page, Category Page or the HomePage.

Tracking Tools

Analytics is an important part of any business and with sitemile auction theme, you can do the same with the help of Tracking Tools section that allows you to integrate Google Analytics just by pasting the tracking code.

Auction Theme >> Tracking Tools

Tracking tools

You are also provided with an option to integrate similar tracking tools.


As the name implies, the Layout settings option is used to configure different parts of your website such as the Homepage, Header and the Footer.

Layout settings

The theme offers you with 5 different layouts along with the option to change colors for different elements on your website such as Links, Menus and Background.

Image options

This section provides you many ways to manage the auction product images on your website.

Auction Theme >> Image Options

Image options

You can manage the number of images that one can upload for a given auction. You can also charge a fee, if the user tries to upload more than the specified limit.

Another useful feature is the resize option where you can resize the images uploaded by the users to a specific size

Membership Packs

Membership Packs

Auction Theme >> Membership Packs

You can create unlimited membership packs and set names, amounts, and the number of auction items one can post per month. 

Apart from the above option, Sitemile WordPress Auction Theme provides other option such as:

  • Escrows
  • Category Images
  • Widthdrawals

Now, we come to the second part of the Sitemile auction theme review i.e the “Auctions” option on the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard.

This option allows you to add, delete or manage the auctions on your website.

Adding new Auctions

In order to add new auctions on your website, you can navigate to – Auctions >> Add New Auction.

This will take you to the single auction product page where you can add and manage various details for your auction.

Now you can add the title, description, excerpt, images, shipping method and the custom field. You can choose either choose one of the two shipping options- flat shipping or variable shipping.

adding new auctions sitemile
The Right hand side of the page provides you with additional options for configuration labelled “Auction Details”. 
add new auction item

The details that can be added here are – The start, reserve and the Buy Now Price of the auction item. The period after which the auction should be renewed. You can also set, If it’s a private bid along with options to allows offers  for the auction item.

Also, if you want to feature the auction, you can do that on this page.

Once you’re done with these important details, you can tag the auction item with a particular category and choose to Publish.

Managing the Auctions

Once you have successfully added or published an auction, you can easily manage the items from the page. You will find the all the details related to your auction items. 

Managing Auctions

Alongside, you can also add or configure various settings related to Locations, Shipping and the Categories from the left hand side of the dashboard. 

The Front End of the Auction Site

The User Interface

The Front End of your website can be accessed both by you (as an admin or owner or anyone handling the site) and the User of your website

Once you (as an admin or owner of the website) have done all the settings and customization and have finally set up an auction site. 

Let us look at how your website looks on the front end and how your visitors or any user can bid on the auction, post on auction or interact in any way with your website.

Search for Auctions

The Front-end of the website provides a very clean interface, where your users can directly search for an auction item through the homepage itself or  through the search bar.

Sitemile Auction website Frontend

To filter out the best items, the users can also search the items according to Categories, Locations, Most viewed items, auctions ending soon

Advanced Search

The user can also extend their search through the Advanced Search Option, which is available on the Left hand side of the website.

Advanced Search

They can search for an auction using different parameters such as the Location, Category, Minimum Bid, Maximum Bid, Radius, Zip code and the Keyword.

This ensures that – without any hassle, the users can refine their search within minutes.

User Account

Every user registered on your website can access their profile from the MyAccount Tab. It has every details related to the profile and their activity.

Some of the details that your user (as a buyer) can find here are – bids placed, bids won/lost, paid auctions and many more.

User Account

Some of the details that your user (as a seller) can find here are – offers received for auction, active auctions, auctions sold, auctions shipped to the buyer and a lot more

How can a User post an auction?

Your user can post an auction from their Account Page itself. You can find the option here My Account Page >> Post New Auction (Left Side of Page)

Sitemile Post new Auction

This will take you to the page shown below, where you can provide all the details of your auction item such as Title, Location, Category, Start/ Reserve/ Buy Now Price, Auto Renew, Adding images and a lot more.

Once done with the details, the user can just review their listing and publish. 

How can a User place a bid?

Once the user finds the auction product of their choice, they can easily bid on the item.

user place bids

The item on auction will show, if anyone else has bid on it (current bid). Other details shown are Shipping cost (if any), Buy now offer (if any).

The details of the seller are also shown on the right hand side of the page and in case the user needs to clarify anything, they can directly contact with the help of a button.

When the user has submitted the offer, the details are sent to the seller.

Documentation & Support

As you can see from the above sections, the sitemile auction theme is provided with almost every features required by an auction website. I’m sure, you can set up and customize your website within few hours. 

However, If you comes across any issue related to customization or managing the auction, you can always refer to their rich documentation or call up their support team.

They provide lifetime support for any issue you might face with their themes.

License & Pricing Plans

There are 5 Pricing Plans depending upon the tenure of the Support, Updates, ios app, android app, custom work and the extensions. Every Plan comes with a 7 days Money back guarantee.

The Price of the Sitemile Auction Theme starts from $99  in which you can use the theme on unlimited no. of websites with 6 months of support and updates. 

However, you do not get access to any other extensions, apps or custom work.

Click here to check different Pricing Plans

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to start an auction site but don’t want to mess around with a custom design, then definitely -this WordPress Auction Theme by Sitemile can be a great choice.

One of best thing about the theme is it’s pack of smart features, documentation and tons of option for easy customization, There is no alternative to the theme in terms of the above factors.

The entry price being $99 seems to be affordable but as you go higher up in the Plans, the cost becomes a little more but – Higher Plans come with more benefits.

We would love to know your thoughts on this theme. Let us know in the comments section below. 

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