7 Best Donation Plugins for WordPress 2019

Best WordPress Donation Plugins

If you are one of the WordPress Developers who contribute a lot to Open Source Projects or offer the product for free, you might definitely know the Importance of donations, as it is the most important part that keeps up …

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8 Best WordPress Table Plugins for 2019.

Best WordPress Table Plugins

Managing your blog is somehow difficult especially for the beginners who have never done similar things before. Since you publish reference data on your article or blog posts, it will be great if you represent them in a suitable table. …

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A guide to Content Curation in WordPress.


Creating a unique piece of content can be tiresome for every Blogger or a Marketer and its one of the marketing efforts that cannot be compromised. But how do you maintain the same relation with your audience when you cannot …

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8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for 2019.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Backing up your WordPress Site is more important than backing up your device’s data. Or maybe, it is similarly important. However, there is a downside of the WordPress CMS- that it does not come with a featured backing up option. …

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11 Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins 2022 (Free & Premium)


WordPress is the world’s most powerful and feature-rich CMS for building websites and blogs. It provides numerous features that make building and managing a website easier. One such feature provided is shortcode. Essentially, shortcodes are shorthand references which expand when …

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