Link Whisper Review 2022 – [Screenshots & Special Discount]

LinkWhisper Review

Being a webmaster, I know how important it is to manage everything starting from Content ideas to publishing content, On-Page SEO, managing outreach/ promotions, and more.

In the process of gaining maximum benefit from these, we often neglect one of the most important task of On-Page SEO i.e – Building Internal Links.

And Yes! Internal Link Building takes time and effort. But, it’s worth!

Internal Linking improves the internal link structure of your website that help the search engine’s crawl every part of your website which in turn can boost the Search Engine Rankings.

Internal Linking Benefits

But, Do we really have an easy solution to this to manual time consuming process?

Well, We’ve got Link Whisper A smart Internal Linking WordPress Plugin that can help you in automating the process of Internal Link Building.

This detailed guide on Link Whisper Review will cover everything you need to know about the Plugin. 

LinkWhisper Review

The main purpose of the article is to help you decide if Link Whisper is better than other Internal Linking plugins and whether you should go for it or not.

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a revolutionary Internal Linking Plugin for WordPress powered by smart algorithms that suggest links based on your content.

 It helps you in adding Internal Links within minutes with varied anchor texts with powerful Link reporting system for every article on your website.

Is this Plugin for you?

If you’re a Blogger or a webmaster running any content heavy sites. Then, Link Whisper is definitely for you.

Sites that rely on content should take internal linking with high priority as it helps in distributing SEO link juice to every part of your website which in turn help in increasing the visibility on the Search Engines and improve the SEO of your website.

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Link Whisper provides needful features such as:

Internal Link Suggestion

Link Whisper Settings

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Link Whisper smartly suggest links as you write down the content within the WordPress editor itself. 

Best Part, the suggested links are relevant to the content as well as other articles on your website. As you need to do tick the suggested link and hit save.

Editable Anchor Text


The Plugin also gives you the freedom to format the Anchor Text with just a few clicks. Not to forget, Search Engine gives importance to anchor text used for Internal Links.

For example. Consider 3 different internal links A, B and C linking to the article “X”. If all of the Anchor Text used for A,B and C are same, Search Engines might consider this as Spam and may push down your rankings. 

To tackle such problems on Content heavy sites, Link Whisper stands forward to deal with it.

Internal Links Reporting

One of the measures of good productivity is to track both the work done and the results. With Link Whisper, you can see and analyse every article on your site in terms of the number of Inbound Internal Links, Outbound Internal Links and Outbound External Links. 

These parameter will help you in making decision as to which of your content needs Internal Links such that no content on your site is left orphan.

The Plugin offers you with an option to quickly add Internal Links, thus saving ton of time.

Auto Linking

This feature helps you save time without compromising the benefit of Internal Linking. 
With Auto Internal Linking, you can set a keyword to link to a specific URL such that every time you mention the keyword on any post, it gets’ automatically linked.
This small step can greatly boost the User engagement of your website.

Broken Link Checker

Search Engines like Google does take broken links into consideration while evaluating the position of your website on the SERPs.
No one ever want their users to land on a 404 blank page. It definietly puts a bad impression on the visitors of the website.

To combat this, you can make use of the 404 broken links checker by Link Whisper.

How to Use Link Whisper?

The Plugin has a simple installation process like any other WordPress Plugin.

Once you get LinkWhisper, all you need to do is download the Plugin, Install and activate. The Plugin starts working in the background right then.

In order to add internal links to any of your articles, you can –

  • open the post and see the LinkWhisper suggestions at the end. 
  • Select the link to be added with anchor text of your choice. 
  • Hit update.

The same process is followed for any new article you write.

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Link Whisper Pricing Plan

The Plugin offers 3 Plans:

Single Site License: This plan is suitable for individuals running a single site wherein you get all the features for just $77.

3 Site License [Recommended]: The Plan is recommended for bloggers and niche site builders where you get all the features for just $117.

10 Site License : Agencies and Internet marketers running multiple websites or plan to do so can opt for this plan for the price of $167.

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Link Whisper Discount Code

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Link Whisper Discount

Pros & Cons

Every great thing comes with it’s own pro’s and con’s and in case of Link Whisper, here are few of the point’s that’ll help you know more about the plugin.


  • It’s smart internal linking practice saves time and hence Increases the productivity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Powerful Link Reports for every article.
  • New opportunities through Link Suggestion.


The only problem we faced was the relevancy of few of the suggested links which I’m sure will definitely be improved.

Final Thoughts.

I hope we have covered everything on this Link Whisper Review. Also, with many other Internal Linking Plugin in the market,  Link Whisper stands ahead in terms of it’s innovative and smart features.

The Plugin is designed in a way that any level of user can use it without any difficulty which is one of the reasons we recommend Link Whisper. Let me know what you think about Link Whisper.

Link Whisper – Frequently Asked Questions

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