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Link Whisper Discount Code

Link Whisper in a very less time has gained huge popularity, especially among bloggers and SEO webmasters. 

One of the reasons behind such a traction is it’s smart and innovative Internal linking features that has truly helped thousands of bloggers like me.

I’m sure, like me you want to…

Simply, getting all these done with one single tool can help you improve the Tropical relevance, authority and in turn you get closer to build sites like wikipedia.

We all know the authority that wikipedia has and one of the reason is the powerful Internal linking.

So, why not save some extra dollars on your purchase by using our exclusive Link Whisper coupon code for 2024.

You can read further to know more about the Plugin and offers .

Here’s the summary of the discount you can get using our LinkWhisper coupon.

Depending on the no. of websites you own, you can choose the Plan accordingy.




Offer Price


Single Site




3 Site License




10 Site License




How to avail Link Whisper Coupon code?

Step 1: Use this discounted link to visit the official page of Link Whisper.

Link Whisper Discount Coupon Code

As you can see, we have partnered with Link Whisper to get the best discount. So you can grab the opportunity and save few bucks on your purchase.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Pricing Section and select the Plan according to your need.

Link Whisper New Pricing Plan

Step 3: Enter the discount code “WPVILLA” on your selected Plan to  get a $20 discount.

Link Whisper Discount code
Step 4: Once done with the above process, enter all the Basic details and choose the Payment method to complete the process.

Step 5: Once done with all the Basic and Payment details, click Purchase.

Congratulations on your Purchase.

I’m sure Link Whisper will definitely improve your productivity of your work and will change the way of how we used to build Internal links.

Now that we have covered most of the part related to the article, why not learn few things about the Plugin as well

Link Whisper WordPress Plugin

Link Whisper is a smart Internal Linking WordPress Plugin that uses Artificial Intelligence to suggest links using which you can build Internal Links on your WordPress site within minutes

This awesome tool is trusted by thousands of bloggers and webmasters.

Not to forget, the plugin is founded by Spencer Haws from who is known for building authority niche sites.

So, If you are crazy about building niche sites or have a website with tons of article, you must definitely check out and take advantage of  Link Whisper discount code if you have any plans of purchasing.

Link Whisper Pricing Plans

Link Whisper offers 3 different plans. Every plan offers the same feature and only differ in the number of websites.

1. Single website

This plan is best suited for individual running a single blog or a beginner getting started with blogging.

The Plan offers all the features offered by the Plugin and costs you $97 per year.

But, using the coupon code “WPVILLA” you can get at a discounted price of just $77

2. 3 websites

If you’re a blogger like me who always look for opportunity of creating an additional asset apart for the main website, this is the perfect plan to go for.

Not to mention but this plan as offers all the features offered by the Plugin.

If, this is the most recommended Plan and costs you $137 per year.

But, using our exclusive Link Whisper discount code “WPVILLA” you can get this plan for $117, saving $20.

3. 10 websites.

If you’re a professional blogger or anyone involved in building many sites for passive income, you can check out this option.

An individual may consider the price on a higher side but when it comes to full-time bloggers managing multiple websites, the plan is very economical.

The Plan costs you $187 but using our coupon code “WPVILLA”, you can get this plan for just $167

Features offered

1. Automatic Link Suggestions

Compared to the manual method of building Internal Links where-in you look for the relevant article to link to using the best anchor texts, link whisper automates this whole process by suggesting relevant links as you write content within the dashboard.

With a single click you can add those links to your content using the anchor text as suggested by the plugin.

This eliminates the confusion and the burden involved in findingand linking manually.

2. Update old Blog posts

With Link Whisper, you can keep track of all the articles that has no links.

This way, you can keep you content fresh by adding links to your older posts. 

3. Broken Link checker

Nobody wants a broken link or a 404 page on their website. You can always check your site if it has any broken link and modify the same.

Nobody wants a broken link or a 404 page on their website. You can always check your site if it has any broken link and modify the same.

4. Link suggestions from other sites you own

This is a good feature offered by the plugin, especially for bloggers who own multiple content sites.

You can connect your websites and build links in a similar manner.

5. Auto Linking

Auto Linking is best to speed up the process of Internal Linking.

This allows you to automatically link a keyword to a specific URL so that any older and future posts containing that keyword is linked automatically.

6. Internal Links Reporting

Performance report offered by Link Whisper shows almost everything required to get an optimized site for users and search engines.

Some of the performance metrics offered by the Plugin are:
  1. No. Outgoing and Incoming Internal Links from each article
  2. No. of articles that has less to no Internal Links.
  3. No. of 404 pages and many more

Benefits of using Link Whisper

Few of the benefits of using Link Whisper Plugin are:


This is the most important criteria, one looks before getting any plugin. Well, Link Whisper meets our expectation.

With simple installation process, the plugin starts running in the background simultaneously.

And Yes! you don’t need to have any prior technical or coding knowledge to use the Plugin.

2. Save Time.

As you write down the content, Link Whisper suggests Internal Links based on the content and the relevancy of your website. 

Though there are other Internal Linking Plugins in the market such as the Interlinks Manager, Link Whisper definitely stands out in terms of the Innovative feature it provides. 

You can add those Internal Links with just a click of a button.
This is best feature for every bloggers or anyone that have tons of article on the website.

3. Analyze for Improvement.

As said in the section, the reports help you analyze every article which can be used to improve the not only the internal linking but optimize the whole website structure.

4. Search Engine Rankings.

Link Whisper ensures a proper Internal Linking practice for better Internal Linking Structure. 

The result of which you can improve the visibility of your website and increase the organic traffic on the Search Engines.

Not only that, it also helps improve the User experience of the visitors.

Like, Internal Links help the users to navigate freely and find helpful content on your website which is also one of the best signs to reduce the bounce rate.

5. Crawling and Indexing.

A proper Internal Linking Structure ensures better crawling by the Search Engine bots which in turn helps in better and faster indexing of your website.

Link Whisper FAQs

Link Whisper is a smart and Innovative Plugin that helps you manage (add, edit, remove etc.) Internal links in minutes without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

The tool is definitely worth buying since it simplifies the process of manual Internal linking. This is one reason that it’s trusted by well known bloggers around the globe

Currently there are no Lifetime deals on Link Whisper. The page will be updated in case there are any such deals on their official website or Appsumo.

Not to worry, All Links will remain intact.

If you want to save some cash, you can use the coupon code “wpvilla” and get Flat $20 OFF on any Plans

As a blogger, I feel that the links suggested are not 100% relevant.

Just like any other software product, I’m sure the team is improving the product day by day.

Final Thoughts on Link Whisper Discount code 2024

I’m sure, you have saved money on your purchase. 

In case you come across any difficulty in getting or installing the Plugin, let me know and I shall personally help you with your issue.

You can raise your issue in the comments below if any, related to Link Whisper.

Let me know your thoughts on this article. 

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