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Link Whisper Black Friday

Have you ever thought how websites like Wikipedia rank on the very first page of Search engine for almost every search terms?

This is the power of Internal Linking. If done properly can greatly benefit your website.

Link Whisper does the same. It helps you focus on Internal Linking. You can find the details below where you can grab the Plugin at the best price.

Black Friday comes just once a year and getting a chance to save the maximum is rare. The occasion gives every webmaster a chance to make their purchase at the lowest price of the year.  

Similarly, Link Whisper is offering their biggest discount of the year on this Black Friday.

So, If you want to boost the Search Engine Rankings and SEO of your website, you can buy Link Whisper with a discount of $30 on any of their Plans. 

How to avail Link Whisper Black Friday Discount?

Step 1: Use this special link to visit the Black Friday page of Link Whisper.

Link Whisper Black Friday

Step 2: Scroll down to the Pricing Section and select the Plan according to the no. of website you own and your need.

Link Whisper Black Friday Pricing

Step 3: Enter the discount code “BlackFriday” on your selected Plan to get a $30 discount.

Link Whisper Black Friday discount

Step 4: Enter all the Basic details and choose the Payment method to complete the process.

Step 5: Once done with all the  details, click Purchase.

Congratulations on your Purchase.

Link Whisper Black Friday Pricing

Link Whisper WordPress Plugin offers 3 different Plans depending upon the number of website you own.

Link Whisper Black Friday

1 Single Site License: Best suited for individuals running a single website where you get all the features for just $77.

Deal Price: $47

3 Site License : The Plan is recommended for bloggers like us or If you are planning to add couple of blogs in near future, you can opt for this plan where you get all the features for just $117.

Deal Price: $87

10 Site License : This Plan is suited for agencies and webmasters running multiple websites. The Plan costs $167.

Deal Price: $137

Link Whisper Plugin

Link Whisper is a smart WordPress Plugin that can help you increase the rankings on the Search Engines and boost the overall authority through actionable SEO techniques.

The Plugin in a very short period of time has gained tremendous popularity, mostly among bloggers due to its innovative Internal Linking and other SEO features powered by artificial Intelligence.

Link Whisper Features

Smart Suggestion

The Plugin works effectively by suggesting Internal Links on the WordPress editor itself. The link can be added with a single click of a button.

Edit Anchor Text

Don’t like the anchor text of the link? No Worries! you can edit the anchor text with absolutely no difficulty.


This is one of the most helpful feature offered where-in a single interface shows the no. of Inbound, Outbound and external links for every post.

This in turn can help you better manage the Internal lining for each post and thereby increase the Rankings on the Search Engines.

Auto-Linking from keywords

Want to link a specific keyword to a specific post. Try the Auto-Liking feature.

With this, you can link a specific keyword to a specific post and all your past and future articles mentioning the specific keyword will automatically link to the specific post.

Broken Link Checker

Ever wondered how Broken links can lead to a bad user experience.

With Link Whisper, you can monitor and take care of all the 404 pages with ease.

Why choose Link Whisper?

As a Blogger or a webmaster running content sites, we know the importance of Internal Linking on the website. 

I’m sure that each one of us spend a lot of time deciding & executing the best Internal Link Structure for the website but few of the main reasons to choose Link Whisper are – 

Innovative Features

It is a revolutionary Internal Linking Plugin is smart enough to make the job easier.

Powered by artificial Intelligence with smart features such as Link Suggestions, Auto Linking and Powerful reporting system, this plugin can make your Internal Linking a lot easier

Saves Time

Where in manual Internal Linking takes ton of time, Link Whisper makes the process a lot easier saving your valuable time. 

Plug and Play

The Plugin once installed and activated, takes absolutely no time to show its action.

Once activated, it starts working in the background right then, thus proving to be the best plugin for beginners.

Concluding Link Whisper Black Friday

I hope you have read every details about the deal. If you want to supercharge your website with Link Whisper, I recommend you to check out the awesome deal offered by Link Whisper on this Black Friday.

Link Whisper Black Friday FAQs

Link Whisper is the #1 Internal Linking Plugin for WordPress that helps you eliminate the tedious task of manually building Internals links on your website.

Absolutely no! Link Whisper works in the background as you write your content and it does so without compromising your website speed.

Definietly Yes! Link Whisper is built for Bloggers and webmasters to automate the process of Internal Linking which is one of the best ways to improve the User experience and improve the Search engine rankings of your website.

Link Whisper Black Friday deal for 2022 starts on November 25th till 29th November, 2022. 

So make sure to grab the offer within the period.

In order to grab a discount of $30 on any Plans, you can use the link and add coupon code “BlackFriday” on the check out page.

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