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If you’re an online store owner using WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform, you probably know the value of retaining Customer’s. That’s exactly what will be discussed in this article i.e. How can you retain your valuable Customers using one of the best marketing strategy of setting specific prices for your Customer/ Customer’s using an easy to use Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce Plugin by WisdmLabs.

Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce – Benefits for Store owners

A Plugin that ensures flexible pricing for Products, it is an extension of the WooCommerce Plugin that allows the store admin to set prices based on the Users, Roles ( Subscribers Contributors ) and Groups.

To make it more clear, the three examples mentioned below will definitely give you a clear picture for the Users, Roles and the Groups.

User’s, Roles and Groups – Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

Specific Pricing for Users: You want to maintain a loyalty with a person you know and who wants to buy from your store or a person who has made a number of purchases over a period of time by offering special/ discounted prices.

Specific Pricing for Roles: You may have set up different roles in your website like Subscribers, Contributors, Manager’s etc. and hence can offer a special price for each role. You can let them know, how valuable they are by doing the same on special occasions. This also ensures that you can quickly set up a membership model on your WooCommerce site.

Specific Pricing for Groups: If you’re using a Groups Plugin for creating groups on your site, you can set different prices for users belonging to a particular group.

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The Plugin has both the Free and the Premium version with definitely more flexibility and features over the latter like (role and group) based Pricing, Pricing Manager, working with Variable Products etc.

Another great feature that helps store owners save tons of time is the Bulk Import and Export of Customer data using a CSV file where you can import/export pricing for Customers, Roles and Groups.

With the right Pricing manager for Price Management offered by the Plugin, you can manage prices for Customers, Roles and Groups for multiple or single products all through a single interface.

Apart from these, there’s a latest update of Category Based Pricing where you can set different prices for your Customer’s, Users and Groups based on the Product Categories.

These are some of the features offered by the Customer Specific Pricing Plugin, to sum up we have tried to summarize the points below:

Features of Customer Specific Pricing Plugin

  • Customer Based Pricing: That allows you to set different Prices for each Customer.
  • Role Based Pricing: That allows you to set different Prices for each Role.
  • Group Based Pricing: That allows you to set different Prices for each Group.
  • Bulk Import and Export: Bulk Import of Pricing data for each level thus saving tons of time.
  • Category Based Pricing: Set Prices depending on Product Categories.
  • Pricing Manager: Set Prices for each level (User/Role/Group) for multiple or single products.
  • Unlimited Customer Price Pairs: No limit to the Customer-price pairs that the store owner can add.
  • Seamlessly works with the Sales Price: The product price set for each level (User/Role/Group) will be applicable or displayed even if the product is under sale.
  • Translation: The WooCommerce Extension is translation ready, hence can work with the language your store is set to.
  • Flat Rates or Percentage: Store owner’s can either offer flat rate or percentage discounts on products for each level (User/Role/Group).


I hope that the article will add value to your WooCommerce store and help in increasing the revenue by using the Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce Plugin by WisdmLabs.

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