A guide to Content Curation in WordPress.


Creating a unique piece of content can be tiresome for every Blogger or a Marketer and its one of the marketing efforts that cannot be compromised.

But how do you maintain the same relation with your audience when you cannot solely dedicate your time on content marketing ? Well to solve this problem, marketers have now adopted the method of Content Curation. So let’s brief a bit about Content Curation.

What is Content Curation?

In simple words, Content Curation means gathering the most Important and trending contents from the external web sources and presenting it to your audience on your website or a Blog according to the niche you choose to follow in an organized manner. The Curation is done by giving an attribute/credit to the original Source.

Let’s Summaries the Content Curation flow to have a clear understanding:
1. Know your niche and the target audience.
2. Identify popular Sources of content for the niche.
3. Curate Content in which you can add your views, comments , Imagery to have a unique voice of your own.
4. Giving attribute/ Credit to the Original Source.
5. Present it to your audience.

Best Content Curation WordPress Plugins

WP RSS Aggregator


WP RSS Aggregator proves to be one of the most comprehensive tools for Importing, merging and displaying RSS feed and Atom feeds on your WordPress Site. It lets you display feeds from multiple sources, the display can be controlled by a shortcode as well.
With its Premium add-ons, you can get much out of it such as Feed to Post that allows you to Import the RSS feed directly into your post and with WordAi you can take the next step of creating content from the RSS feed that is totally unique.

The Basic Core features of this tool is free, with premium add-ons starting from $25.

Editorial Assistant by Sovrn


This wonderful plugin lets you add related posts and Images to your Blog thereby increasing the visibility, engagement and ultimately SEO.
The related post can be added either from your own Blog or external web networks which comes with a thumbnail Image. With just one click, the related Images can be added along with the credits. Hence it’s an easy go with this Plugin.
One of the advantages associated with this plugin is that “It is time efficient”, since sovrn after analyzing your post provides a point and click interface from which the related posts and images can be added.

Press Forward


Whether you’re a Blogger who works alone or in a team, this plugin might be the best fit since it provides an editorial workflow environment.
Some of the points covered under this tool are:
Collect the content from various web sources via feed reader or Bookmarklet.
Discuss the content curated with the members though the editorial workflow Interface.
Finally sharing the Content.


MyCurator allows you to curate content that are relevant to your Blog. It works in the background all day long to provide you with all the relevant articles which can be curated with just one click proving you with all the necessary details such as excerpt, attribution link and the Image.
The tools Supported by MyCurator are Get It Bookmarklet that allows you to curate when you browse the web along with Notebooks that allows you add or save multiple articles that Involves a complex Curation or if you want to use it later.
One of the best feature that this tool provides is the Cloud AI that is used to sort out articles relevant you, in which case one is benefited in reducing spam with quality relevant articles.

This tool provides free service if you want to curate content for a single topic, whereas its premium version has 2 plans, that’s a Pro Plan – $15/month and a Business Plan – $30/month.

Curation Suite


Curation Suite is a one in all package for your Content Curation need. With one click you can curate the content from the major Search Engines and Social networks.
With the new add-on Listening Engine, quality contents are delivered to your dashboard. It provides you with a set of discovery and publishing tools with a beautiful and easy to use Interface.

Curation Suite provides 3 Plans :
Curation Suite Plugin – One time Payment of $97.
Curation Suite Plugin + Listening Engine – ($197 + $9.97/Monthly Subscription) or ($197 + $97 Yearly Subscription).
Quick Start Consulting Package – $697 includes Curation Suite Plugin, Listening Engine with a lot of guidance.

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