Cloudways Black Friday 2022

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One of the best Web Hosting for all your needs with Blazing fast speed and tight security.

Get 40$ OFF for 4 months on any Plans with code - BFCM2020

Looking to supercharge your website with Cloudways Hosting? Cloudways Black Friday deal for 2020 offers you a discount of 40% for 4 Months on all the Hosting Plans.

Cloudways is one of the Best Providers of Managed Cloud Hosting, popular among Top Bloggers and Developers because of their Highly optimized Servers and Support from the company.

This Black Friday, you get a chance to host your website on one of the best Servers from Cloudways at a much lower price. You can grab the Cloudways Hosting at a 40% discount that the regular price.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit the official Black Friday Deals Page of Cloudways.

Step 2: Once done, click on “Get Started Free”, that will present you with a sign up page.

Cloudways homepage

Step 3: Enter the Basic details and click on “Got a Promo code”, to enter the Cloudways coupon code for Black Friday, “BFCM2020”. This coupon will give you 40% discount.

Cloudways Signup

Step 4: Once done, you can choose the plans according to your requirement. You will get 40% discount on all the Plans.

Step 5: After selecting, proceed for the payment to complete the purchase.

Congratulations on your Cloudways purchase

Cloudways Black Friday deal 2020

Like every year, this year too cloudways is offering a massive discount during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
If you are getting any plans from this provider, make sure to save money using the Cloudways Black Friday discount coupon.

Here are the details.

Use this Link to get started with cloudways

About Cloudways

Cloudways offer’s you with a pre-configured servers from Giants like AWS, Google Cloud Front, Linode, Vultr and Digital Ocean. You have the option to choose any from these according to your requirements.

Cloudways is one of the Top providers of Managed Cloud Hosting. Though it’s a new entrant in the Web Hosting Landscape, Cloudways has quickly grabbed the attention of Top Bloggers, Marketers and Developers owing to their highly optimized Servers and Support from the company.

Why choose Cloudways?

When it comes to choosing a VPS or a Cloud Hosting, webmasters often consider Cloud Hosting as one of their first choice.
Here are few of those reasons that make Cloudways quite popular-
  1. Performance.
  2. 24/7 Support.
  3. Free Migration.
  4. Backups.
  5. No Long term Contracts or Commitments.

All year round support

Cloudways let’s you focus on building and growing your website rather than handling the Web Hosting complexities. For which, the expert team from Cloudways offer support all year round (24/7/365).
In case you face any issue or confusion related to your hosting or website, you can always reach them out to get the best solution and definitely, a peace of mind.

Real time monitoring

This is one of the best benefit anyone gets from a trusted Web Hosting Provider. Cloudways offer real time monitoring of the servers all your round to ensure you get the best service on the Platform.
You can view over 16 different metrics along with other Insights from a single dashboard. In case of any issue, you can easily Identify the bottlenecks and work to get it resolved.


There’s no question on Performance when it comes to hosting your website on Cloudways Platform. As said, you can choose from as many as 6 different highly optimized Servers from AWS, Google Cloud, Linode and others.
Along with these, the Platform is equipped with SSD drives, In-built advanced cache system and Cloudways CDN that can make your website Ultra fast.

No Long Term Contracts or Commitments

Unlike other Web Hosting Providers where you buy Hosting for a specific period like 12 months or 24 months, Cloudways offer a different system of “Pay as you Go”, in which you Pay only for the resources you consume.
This flexible Pricing system is the most beneficial for developers for hosting their client’s website, since there are no lock ins of any type.

Cloudways - FAQs

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