10+ Best WordPress Video Player Plugins for 2020 (Free & Paid).

Are you looking for the Best WordPress video player plugins? Do you want to add videos on your website or stream YouTube videos on your site?

Well, with decreasing attention span of today’s generation, you cannot expect anyone to know about your Brand or a Product by reading long paragraph of texts. Incorporating videos on your website are one of the creative ways to stand out among your competitor’s.

Whether you want to create awareness or add educational videos related to product, you must find a way out to add those videos in the most subtle manner without compromising the user experience and the load on your WordPress Site.

With WordPress, you can easily add videos but cannot extend it’s features and functionality beyond the normal attributes such as size in which a feature-rich Video Player Plugin is required.

In this article we have collected the Best Video Player Plugins for WordPress taking into account the features a video player or video gallery plugin must have.

Best WordPress Video Player Plugins

1. Stellar Video Player

Stellar Video Player WordPress plugin

First on the list is the stellar video player plugin which is one of the most innovative and comprehensive but easy to use WordPress video player plugin.

It not only supports YouTube, Vimeo and self hosted videos but also gives you the freedom to add videos from Dropbox, Google drive, Amazon S3 etc.

The popularity of this plugin owes a lot it’s feature of integrating advertisment in different interval’s  such as pre-roll (before), mid-roll(during) and post-roll (after) along with pop-up ads. Also, If you’re looking to Livestream YouTube videos onto your website, this plugin will help you accomplish along with other impressive features such as:

  • Protect video content.
  • Responsive, Fullscreen mode and Lightbox support.
    Create mixed video playlist from different sources.
  • Easily Customizable.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Can be used as image gallery sliders.

2. Progression Player

Progression Player Video Plugin

If you’re looking for a retina ready video player plugin, consider choosing Progression Player that is optimized for High resolution devices such as Macbook, iPad etc.

Progression Player is user-friendly and easy to use that can be used both as video and audio player plugin. It is equipped with 5 custom skins along with additional benefits such as Responsive Layout, Audio-Video Playlist support, Fullscreen video etc.

3.  Revolution Video Player WordPress Plugin

Revolution Video Player Plugin

Revolution Video Plugin is a responsive HTML5 video player plugin using which you can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and self hosted videos.

It can easily be integrated with Google Analytics to track the number of views every video gets on your website.

The built-in ajax search feature helps the user find the videos from the playlist easily.

Other essentials offered inclue:

  • Option for adding logo.
  • Social media sharing such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Playlist categories.
  • Download video button.

4. WonderPlugin

wonderplugin video embed

This is a free WordPress Video Player plugin that supports YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and self hosted MP4/ WebM videos.

The videos can be added to widgets, pages and posts that are responsive across all the devices.

Option for adding Videos in Lightbox popup is also available in the free version of the Plugin.

5. Video Gallery by Huzzaz

Huzzaz WordPress Video Gallery Plugin

Now you can add great visual experience to your site using the Huzzaz WordPress Video gallery plugin that supports videos from Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Vimeo.

With no coding skills, you can turn your website into a fully featured and we’ll organized video gallery with options such as video search within gallery, HAD Playback, Player Customization, Social Media Sharing, video float on scroll and Pagination option.

This plugin can be used to create video portfolio site, online courses website etc.

6. HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Player Plugin

This is a video plugin bundle that supports both MP4 and WebM video files. It includes three different players such as Video Player with right side Playlist, Left side Playlist and without Playlist.

Adding this plugin gives you the freedom to adjust the videos according to your website or page where you add videos.

The adjustment attributes include width, height, border color etc.

Other features offered by the Plugin include Responsive Design, volume control, Auto hide video control etc.

7. Easy Video Player Plugin

Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin

Easy Video Player is a flexible video and audio WordPress plugin that supports both MP4 and MP3. It provides support for major channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, local and Cloud platforms.

The ability to add localised subtitles along with adjustments for video quality and playback rate makes the player a user-friendly wordpress video plugin.

If you provide useful video tutorials you can consider this plugin adding to your list of choices since it provides the option to embed, that can be used by others. This way you can definitely hit up as an Authority in your niche.

Other essential features offered by the Plugin include response layouts, advertisement integration, 360 degree virtual reality, live streaming videos, video protection using password etc.

8. Flow Player

FlowPlayer Video Player Plugin

This is another free WordPress video player plugin on the list that let’s you add MP4 and WebM videos on any post or page using a Shortcode.

The Player also supports HTML 5 videos that are responsible across all the devices. Not only that, the plugin makes it easy for placing an image as a placeholder before the video starts.

Other features include autoplay video, control Player size, loop video, Shortcode implementation etc.

9. MediaElement

MediaElement.js Video plugin

Built on MediaElement.js, this plugin can work both as video and audio plugin for WordPress sites.

It supports major files such as MP4, MP3 WebM, WMV, WMA etc.

You can embed any audio or video on any post/ page by placing a Shortcode generated by the Plugin.

If you want a specific video to show on every common element of your website, you can directlty accomplish by placing a php code on the template Provided.

10. Fullscreen Video Player

HTML5 WordPress Video Player Plugin

This is an HTML 5 Video Player plugin that supports YouTube, Vimeo and self hosted videos.

The videos added from YouTube directly imports the title, description and the thumbnail. It can also be used to add Fullscreen background videos  that are completely responsive.

Other features offered by the Plugin include texture over video, 30+ parameters to control video, border customization etc.

11. Elite Video Player

Elite Video Player Plugin

Elite Video Player is another premium Video Player plugin where in you can upload videos from different channels such as YouTube, Vimeo etc. on any page or post using a Shortcode.

The Plugin also provide options for adding advertisements. Integrating the Plugin with Google Analytics provides powerful metrics such as views on videos and advertisements, clicks on advertisement etc.

The Plugin makes it possible to enable sticky mode in which the video is visible to the audience all the time on the page.

Other features offered by the Plugin include.

  • Responsive across all devices
  • 12 pre-built scroll bar types.
  • Optional right click menu.
  • Social media sharing.


With the Best Video Player Plugins listed, let us know in the comments below your favorite plugin.

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