11 Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins 2022 (Free & Premium)


WordPress is the world’s most powerful and feature-rich CMS for building websites and blogs. It provides numerous features that make building and managing a website easier. One such feature provided is shortcode. Essentially, shortcodes are shorthand references which expand when the user uses them.

When you use such kind of feature in programming, it is referred as macros and in WordPress it is referred as shortcode. The shortcodes allow you to perform various kinds of activities without putting too much effort. You can add content boxes, custom buttons, alert notes, etc. by using shortcodes. Professionals use these plugins quite often to create objects that may require lengthy and tough coding if they will not use the shortcode plugins.

Hence shortcode plugins make many tough jobs easier, you might also like to use them. In the list below, find the Best WordPress Shortcode plugins that can be used for your website.

Premium WordPress Shortcode Plugins

#1. Vision


Vision is one of the Best WordPress shortcode plugins. It is a user-friendly plugin that comes with over 100 shortcodes. It is speed optimized and comes with a stunning design that you will appreciate. The developer offer constant updates regarding new changes so that you can use the most upgraded version of this plugin.

All the shortcodes you get with Vision are very useful for your website. Most of the shortcodes are offered to revamp the overall vision presentation of your website. All the shortcodes will be automatically included to the content editor so that you can implement them with ease. You get numerous design variations and over 28 color variations for different elements when you try Vision.

#2. GT ShortCodes


GT ShortCodes is another premium WordPress plugin that improves the charm of your website’s WordPress theme with clean, simple, flat, and impressive UI elements that you receive as shortcodes. GT ShortCodes is also a user-friendly plugin that provides you with over 40 shortcodes. This plugin is based on the Bootstrap framework and it is perfect for a website that has minimal design style. It will make your website look aesthetically charming.

This plugin also offers the user with a shortcode generator tool. You can use this tool to create unique shortcodes. Many such features make GT ShortCodes a very useful choice for the WordPress website owners.

#3. Supreme shortcodes


 If you are looking for a shortcode plugin that provides an abundance of cutting-edge features, Supreme Shortcodes is what you are looking for. It offers shortcodes for adding a variety of aesthetic elements on your site. Just one click and you can change the way things appear on your website.

Supreme Shortcodes offer every kind of shortcodes range from social sharing buttons to highly sophisticated animation elements. Apart from all the features, this plugin operates great with Visual Composer. So, you can use both together to do some great experiments with visual representation of your website.

#4. Intense Shortcodes


This plugin provides you support for comfortably creating a whole website by using custom post types, shortcodes, snippets, templates, and other features that you get in just one package. You get a collection of 110+ shortcodes for customizing your website. It allows you to choose between 19 different post types, 5000+ icons, and over 140 animation effects.

All in all, you get a plugin that operates great with Visual Composer and offers many unique ways of customizing your website. There are shortcodes for slider, buttons, progress bar, members, counter, social icons, and many other features that you would like to add on your website.

#5. KnB Shortcodes


People like to know more about the stuff they get on the internet. If you share such details and want to add Knowledge Base, FAQs, or WiKi on your website, you should install the KnB shortcode now.

It is popular as a WiKi and Knowledge Base shortcode plugin that offers the user with simple ways of customizing the knowledgebase stuff on the website. It would be much easier to assign categories to all the items on your website without creating additional columns or support subcategories. It also provides a shortcode generator tool that you can use to produce unique shortcodes for your website.

Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins

#6. WP Shortcodes


It is one of the most widely used shortcodes for adding spoiler warnings, impressive buttons, column layouts, and many other elements on a WordPress website. It is also designed to allow the user to add different features on his website with just one click.

This plugin provides you with 24 cutting-edge shortcodes. Suppose you change your website’s theme in the future, you will not lose impressive styles of your website. It will be quite easy to add highlights, buttons, toggles, boxes, tabs, pricing tables, and other impressive elements on your website if you use the WP Shortcodes plugin.

#7. Fruitful Shortcodes


It can be daunting for a newbie to learn how to use shortcode plugins. Fruitful shortcodes offers the most instructive and user-friendly user interface. You will learn how to add different elements on your website by using shortcodes.

You can add new rows, columns, buttons, tabs, and other elements with ease. The whole process will require just a few clicks and your job will finish with a beautiful website. This plugin offers 15+ shortcodes with a cutting-edge design. You can take a preview before adding any element on your site to reveal how it will improve the way your WordPress website works. Thus, it becomes the best shortcode plugin for the beginners.

#8. Meks Flexible Shortcode


This shortcode plugin is designed to help users in adding impressive elements within their site’s posts and page content. It offers a user-friendly shortcode generatore panel to create new shortcodes. Every shortcode tag has a smart styling option.

Regardless of the color of your website’s theme, Meks Flexible Shortcode will fit perfectly in your website’s design and style. You get shortcodes for adding buttons, icons, columns, social icons, dropcaps, highlights, progress bars, separators, tabs, and other useful elements that every visitor expects to get on your website. Thus, it becomes one of the Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins for customizing a WordPress website like a professional designer.

#9. Shortcodes Ultimate


If you are looking to get an all inclusive collection of functional and visual elements in the form of shortcodes, prefer using Shortcodes Ultimate plugin. It provides shortcodes for adding within text widgets, post editor, and also in template files.

Its 1-click shortcode insertion feature makes it very easy for the user to add useful shortcodes within a few seconds. You get over 50 beautiful shortcodes that work exceptionally well with any theme. Other features like custom CSS editor, responsive design, documentation, translation-ready, custom widgets, RTL support, etc. make Shortcodes Ultimate an ultimate choice for any WordPress website owner.

#10. Free Themify Shortcode


Whether your website is equipped with a Themify theme or not, you can use Free Themify Shortcode plugin to use all the shortcodes come free with the Themify themes. This top-end plugin offers the user with a shortcode generator through which you can easily create and insert the shortcodes.

There are shortcodes for all the popular website elements such as column, button, logged in user message, horizontal ruler, map, guest user message, map, video, and more.

#11. Arconix Shortcodes


You should install and use the Arconix Shortcodes plugin if you are willing to add different types of styled buttons, boxes, tabs, unordered lists, accordions, columns, and other elements on your website.

The latest version of this plugin provides you with six utility shortcodes, six style shortcodes, column display shortcodes, and more to help you in customizing your site perfectly. It is a feature-rich plugin that has responsive shortcode design that will operate perfectly on any device you are using.


Shortcode plugins are introduced to help you in improving overall charm of your WordPress website. So, assess the features and pick the Best Shortcode Plugins for WordPress platform you own.

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