8 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Better Rankings in 2022

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

No matter how much effort you put into your Blog or a website, it becomes a bit difficult to rank up high in the Search Engines if your website is not optimized for SEO. Well, Developers have put all of their time building the Best WordPress SEO Plugins for your site.

This article covers the 8 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress (Free and Premium) that can be used to boost the Search Engine Rankings and Increase Traffic.

Top WordPress SEO Plugins

1. Premium SEO Pack

This is a premium plugin that delivers you with a complete package for all of your SEO needs. This tool takes care of the Rankings for your post since it allows you to add multiple focus keywords on your post; (the max being 10) hence increasing your chances to rank for those multiple keywords.

Apart from this, Some other benefits provided by this plugin are:

  • It takes care of Site Speed by allowing you to minify CSS and JS files.
  • Track of your Rankings in a SERP friendly dashboard.
  • Smart go with Internal Link Building.
  • Provides Google Analytics data right on your dashboard that helps in measuring the overall effectiveness.
  • Improve Page Speed by testing multiple pages at once.
  • Enhance Local SEO by creating shortcodes for custom location that can be added to any page or posts.
  • It takes care of the Growth in your Social Networks.

Apart from this, Premium SEO Pack comes with additional features.To put as a whole, With tons of features provided by Premium SEO Pack, it is clear that going for this plugin will definetly be helpful.

2. Rank Math

Rank Math is a recently released WordPress SEO Plugin from the team of MyThemeshop, the creators of awesome Themes and Plugins.

Within a short span of time, this Powerful WordPress SEO Plugin has been downloaded over 10,000 times. The Lightweight, easy to use SEO Plugin has gained a huge traction among Webmasters because of the Powerful and Intelligent features it provides and the most amazing thing – Rank Math is completely free.

Not only that, Rank Math combines the features the multiple plugins without overloading your server.

Some of the unique features offered by the Rank Math Plugin are:

  • Optimize your Blog Posts for 5 focus keywords.
  • With Rank Math, you can track your Keyword Rankings in Google.
  • LSI keyword tool integration helps you gain more traffic.
  • Intelligently suggests other posts for your Internal Linking Strategy.
  • Role Manager for easy control of features.
  • Smart SEO Analysis tool and monitoring 404 pages.

3. SEOPressor

Now you have maximum control over your website’s SEO using this premium plugin SEOPressor that gives you complete Insights of your Website SEO in a single interface which can then be analysed and Improved accordingly.

Its on-page analysis provides you with Score and Suggestions for further optimizations that can be fine tuned without violating any of the Google Webmaster Guidelines, thus taking care of the “Over optimization”.

Not only that, SEOPressor helps you Improve the Search Relevancy by integrating Schema markups, its Smart Link Manager ensures that your visitors have a hassle free experience on your site by fixing, building and managing all of the Internal Links.

4. Yoast SEO Plugin

This Single Plugin provides you the complete solution for SEO needs and is by far the most popular Free SEO plugin in the WordPress Repository.

Using this plugin you can control every bit of your on-page SEO, some of which are as follows:

  • Adding SEO tile, meta description, focus keyword to every Blog Post.
  • Provides you with the snippet preview of how your Blog Post/Page will appear in the Search Engines.
  • It gives you the Analysis of every page that focuses on Headings, Sub Headings, Focus Keyword, Images, meta description along with SEO title.
  • The plugin also has advanced XML Sitemap functionality.
  • Allows you to edit .htaccess and robots.txt file.
  • Integration with Social Media Sharing including Facebook Open Graph.

Apart from this, the plugin offers numerous other features which will be covered in a another post very soon.

5. All in One SEO Pack

This is one of the most popular plugin for optimizing your site for SEO which is built keeping beginners in mind. If you are a complete newbie and would not like to mess with the settings, I would suggest you to go with this Plugin.

Apart from the normal features provided by other SEO Plugins, this plugins adds to the count on account of offering a unique point of generating meta tags automatically and optimizing the titles for major Search Engines.


SEO Squirrly works more like a content analytics tool that helps you to write content that is optimized both for the Readers and the Search Engines. It provides with SEO Audit Reports on a weekly basis that covers the Important aspects that can be Improved such as Keywords you could Rank for.

The plugin follows the freemium model and works in the real time giving you indication if the content is well optimized by light green; hence can be called as a SEO partner sitting next to you.

7. All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

This plugin is all dedicated to Increase the Click through Rate in Search Engines. It allows your post to rank up higher by providing Interactive and precise Information about your post such as Reviews, Ratings, photos etc. thus allowing your website to stand out of the Competition.

8. Rank Reveal

Rank Reveal is a Premium Service which works on the Reverse Rank Tracking Technology i.e it provides you with all the keywords that your website is Ranking for, thus setting you apart from doing the hard work.

Its Semantic Ranking Graph constantly monitors the Search Engines for any changes in the Rankings that includes providing alerts whenever your website ranks for a new keyword.

Apart from this, the tool also provides you with Comprehensive Local Rank Tracking, Identifying your Competitors and their Rankings – hence allowing you have an advantage over them.


SEO is not a one time job, you still have to be consistent in optimizing every bit of your website and add value to your users, but understanding and choosing a perfect tool is one of the Important aspect of Optimizing your website for Better Search Rankings.

Apart from the 8 Best WordPress SEO Plugins listed here, please let us know in the comments below other plugins that you find more useful.

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  1. Oh yes Bijay; Yoast is right at the top. My favorite plug in and all around winner; this one is so easy to follow, to use and to receive benefit from. I ranked on Page 1 of Google about a year ago for 2 hyper competitive keywords by writing helpful posts and by listening to Yoast, until I nailed down all green check marks. Super list.


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