7 Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins for 2020 (Free & Paid).

Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins

Social Media is one of the best channels to drive traffic from and Pinterest is one of them. This popular visual sharing medium is used by almost every marketer to increase the exposure of their content and to drive ton of traffic to their website.

Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins
Pinterest, when used effectively can definitely convert your traffic into leads. If you regularly create creative images for your website or a Product, then you definitely cannot miss Pinterest as a part of your traffic channel.
With WordPress, you can easily Integrate Pinterest with the help of Plugins. In this article, we have handpicked the best WordPress Pinterest Plugins available that can be used without be used by anyone, from beginner to advanced professionals.

Best Pinterest WordPress Plugins

1. PI Button

Accesspress Pi button Plugin

PI Button is a Pinterest Plugin for WordPress that has both the Free and Premium version. It offers many useful features with very less configuration required.

Using this Plugin, you can implement the Pinterest functionality with the help of both Shortcodes or widgets.

You can easily add a customizable Pin it button on every images to boost your social reach. To improve the visibility of your Pinterest account, you are also provided with an option to display your Profile, Latest Pins feed or any Pin board on the website, with the help of Widgets.

AccessPress Pinterest Plugin
In case you want more features and flexibility, you can try the Pro version of the Plugin where you get extended benefits such as 40 icons or a custom image for Pin it button, the position of button, displaying the Pin Button for selected types such as Post, Homepage, Categories and archives.
AccessPress Pinterest Plugin Settings

In case you want to display the Pinterest button only on specific posts or pages, you can get it done with just a click.

2. Social Warfare

Social warfare plugin
Social Warfare is one of the most popular and Comprehensive Plugins for Social sharing. It supports over 15 Social Media channels including Pinterest.

It improves your reach on Pinterest through the shareable Pin button on every image of your content. On using the Social warfare plugin, you will realize that uploading Pinterest specific image with description is all easy.

And the best part, It adds all the Social sharing features without compromising the speed of your website.
When it comes to design, the tool offers over 5000 styles which you can customize according to your website.
You can even encourage your readers to share by displaying the share counts. In case you just started using this plugin, no problem. You can display the counts after a specified number.
Combining all the Social media features with good aesthetic, analytics report for tracking along with option for customization makes Social warfare plugin a great choice.

3. Pinterest to WordPress

Pinterest WordPress Plugin
Do you like galleries? If you do, you might definitely like this Plugin too. Pinterest to WordPress Plugin let’s you add Pins and Boards on your WordPress website in a gallery style.
All you need to do is enter the username of your Pinterest account and the Plugin shows it’s action by display Pins and Boards in a popup gallery format.
Pinterest WordPress Gallery Plugin settings
Displaying all the Pins of any specific board on a popup is a nice way to showcase your work with this Pinterest Gallery Plugin. You can also choose to show or hide the description of a Pin/ board on a popup or a page.
Pinterest-WordPress Gallery Plugin Settings
To make a balance between your website style and the gallery style, you can customize almost every element of the gallery such as height, width, margin, colors and background.

4. Pinterest Automatic Pin

Pinterest Automatic Pin Plugin
If you want to get the most out of Pinterest without having to spend much time, you can check out this Pinterest Plugin that will automatically Pin all the Images from the Post to your Pinterest Account.
Pinterest automatic pin plugin settings
To offer flexibility, you can exclude certain images and categories from pinning. And also, you can set the no. of images to pin per post.
To drive traffic from your pinterest account, every pin is auto linked to the post and in case you the pins to drive the visitors to some specific URL you can do so with the help of a Custom link.
For Woocommerce store owners, you can use this plugin to pin the Product images on your Pinterest account.
Other features include: Bulk Pin where your desired post can be queued for pinning, Custom Post type support, Custom field support etc.

5. GS Pins for Pinterest

GS Pins for Pinterest
Simple and flexible, GS Pins is a responsive Pinterest WordPress Plugin that allows to display Pins from any Pineterest account on your website with the help of Shortcodes and Widgets.
The Plugin is not just limited to pins, you can also display your porfile, board or follow button with the help of widgets.
GS Pinterest Portfolio Plugin
The ready to use Guternbuerg Block for GS Pins makes it easy to add the Pinterest functionaly for any level of user.
The Plugin offers a no. of customizations when it comes to displaying the Pins such as option to show/hide Pin captions, no. of Pins to display or display pins in ready to use 3/4/5/6 columns or any custom style using CSS.

You can also extend these features with the Pro version that offers over 5 different themes to to alter the style and functionality of the Plugin.

6. Pin it

Pin it button plugin weblizar
A plug and play plugin, Pin it button on image hover let’s you pin your posts, pages and images from the website into your Pinterest account.
The Plugin shows it’s action as just after the installation. with simple settings, you can choose to customize the settings of the Pin it button in terms of both color and size. You can set the option to show or hide the Pin it button on mobile devices.
Pin it Button Weblizar
If you want the Pin it button to show only on specific types, you can do so from the settings panel. For example, you can show or hide the Pin it button on image hover or posts or pages.
To expand your audience, the plugin offers translation in many languages that can be used to the full capacity according the regional language of your audience.
But you always have the option to extend the features with the pro version of the plugin in which you get benefits such as –
  • Displaying the Pinterest profile or pins with the help of shortcodes and widgets.
  • Display Profile with every stats related to your Pinterest account such as no. of Pins, boards, followers etc.

7. Image Pinning by BestWebSoft

Image Pinning Bestwebsoft

To increase your reach on pinterest we have another free WordPress Pinterest plugin known as “Image Pinning”.

Easy to set up, this plugin adds a Pinterest “Save or Follow” button on different areas of your content such as Before Post, After Post and on Image hover (only save button for images).

Image Pinning BestWebSoft
It’s ready to use widgets for Pinterest Profile, Board or Pins can be used in the sidebar to improve the visibility of your Pinterest account. You can also get the pin button within a content with the help of Shorcodes.
To have a uniform and appealing design , you can customize almost every element such as Button and Widgets in terms of color and size.
Lastly, the plugin offers few other features as well such as transltion, custom code though Plugin settings etc.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing Social sharing sites in the world. As a part of your traffic acquisition strategy, you must definitely consider Pinterest.
And with WordPress, we are blessed with ready to use Plugins. I hope you find the Best WordPress Pinterest Plugin for your website
If you use any other plugin, let us know in the comments below.
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