10Web Review – All in one Solution to build and manage your WordPress Site.

10Web Review

Website building platforms are one of the best and effective ways to build websites. They are mostly favored over custom design because of its low cost, ease of use and greater flexibility. We are going to cover one such platform called 10Web in this 10Web Review.

But in order to have a better understanding about 10Web, you should know a little more about Content Management System (CMS) available in the market.
They are many website building platforms or CMS available such as Wix, Weebly, Squaresapce, WordPress and a lot more having their own set of features and offerings and catering to different audience.

With WordPress powering over 35% of the websites, the CMS is the most preferred one, because of the availability of themes for almost every niche market, plugins to extend the features, support from the community and a lot more.

Now, coming to 10Web Review, 

What is 10Web?

10Web is one such platform that provides a lot more than a website building platform. It provides an entire solution for Building, Hosting and Managing your WordPress site or sites

or we can say 

10Web.io is an all in one solution for your WordPress needs. Starting from creating your WordPress project, to hosting and managing that project, 10Web provides everything from a single dashboard.

Why 10Web?

You might be thinking! Why not go for a self hosted WordPress site? Yes, you can.

But, can you afford to spend your time and money on things that isn’t on your priority list?

Do you want to pay for every individual items such as Themes, Plugins, Security, SEO Service and also take up all the worries of managing yourself. 

If all these things matter a lot and need a helping hand for your website, the next part of the article is for you.

Detailed 10Web Components

Since, you already know that 10Web provides everything needed for a WordPress site. Let us have look at the different component it offers under its platform.

  1. Managed WordPress Hosting powered by Google cloud.
  2. Complete website builder powered by Elementor.
  3. Premium Widgets.
  4. Website templates for different niches.
  5. 50+ Premium Plugins. 
  6.  Website Backup solution.
  7. Website security.
  8. Image Optimizer.
  9. Website speed optimization.
  10. SEO Service.
  11. Website Analytics.
  12. Customer support.

1. Managed WordPress Hosting

Building a website on 10Web Platform is a breeze and hosting your website is no less. 10Web provides hosting exclusively built for WordPress sites i.e – a Managed WordPress Hosting powered by Google cloud which is one of the fastest, reliable and secured hosting available in the market. 

It also claims that every site hosted on 10Web will never face any issue with speed and achieve a speed score of 95+ on Google page speed.

Hence, If your’e tired with your current web hosting provider, OR you regularly experience downtime OR you don’t want to handle the technical components of hosting.” You should definitely try out 10Web.


Some of the features offered under the 10Web Hosting are as follows.

Staging Site: 10Web provides a staging environment where you can test out the changes or edits on your clone website before moving it to the live website.

Data centers: The 10Web Web Hosting Platform uses data center in 4 different continents to ensure smooth and swift experience for your website visitors, accessed from any part of the world. 

Best Caching: The Hosting comes with Nginx, FastCGI Caching that can make your WordPress website blazing fast.

Free SSL: The company provides free SSL certificates that can be installed with just a single click to establish a secure connection and build trust.

Elastic Scaling: This is one of the best features offered by 10Web Hosting. If you experience any peak in traffic suddenly, you need not change the plan. Your website resources adjust with the load.

Migration: You can easily migrate to 10Web Hosting from your current provider with just a few clicks. 

So, If you want to score 95+ on google page speed or get all these to make your website blazing fast, sign up for 10Web right away.

2. Complete website builder

Building websites with a website builder is easy. They are already provided with tons of readymade elements and addons that can make the process of creating a website much faster and better. 

10Web provides the same!

The Platform is equipped with one of the best drag and drop website builder, Elementor. To extend the features and to provide an ease of building a stunning website with zero coding skills, the team offers ready to use website templates for almost every niche along with their own premium widgets for elementor, discussed below.

These offfering made by the company ensures that every website that you build on the platform is fully customizable and super fast

3. 10Web Premium widgets

Widgets are helpful for extremely helpful for webmasters or anyone with less to no coding skills. They help us add specific features on specific part of your website within seconds. 

10Web offers widgets for almost every element or features to build the the website you want. 10Web widgets are as follows:

  • Flip box.
  • Count down.
  • Pricing table.
  • Call to action.
  • Login.
  • Social Sharing.
  • Search form.
  • Animated headline.
  • Nav menu.
  • Price list.

4. 10Web Website Templates

The company provides premium website templates or pre-made stater sites for free. There are 35+ templates for the almost every Industry that can be Integrated with your website seamlessly.

The niches served by 10Web templates range from Blogs to Photography, sports, Cafe, Restaurant, Travel, Jewelry, eCommerce and a lot more.

5. 10Web Premium Plugins

Plugins are there to extend the capabilities of your website. 10Web Integrates 50+ Premium Plugins on its platform, so you can get the most out from a single service without having to leave or shuffle between providers.

10Web Plugins

The 10Web Plugins are:

5. Form Maker

Form maker is a powerful form plugin that can be used to create responsive – single or multi page forms using the drag and drop builder. It comes with 15+ ready to use templates. 

The form supports 45+ fields along with options for file upload and advanced conditions/ logic.One of the best feature is you can accept payments from the form itself through Paypal or stripe.

6. Photo Gallery

This is a must have plugin for anyone relying on graphical contents such as photos and videos. The Photo Gallery Plugin by 10Web lets you create beautiful galleries in multiple views using the drag and drop Interface.

To ensure a clean structure, the photos can be tagged into specific groups and galleries into groups.

It incorporates advanced features needed by photographers or portfolio masters such as copyright protection using watermark, selling photos from gallery itself, Import photos and videos, animated lightbox and many more.

7. Instagram Feed

Instagram feed plugin lets you import photos/ post from one or more Instagram account or hastags which can then be displayed on your website with multiple layouts or design.

Not only that, the meta data such as likes, comments, captions can also be imported along with the posts.

You can also control the number of post to display on any particular page or choose the option of Infinite scrolling. 

Other features include social sharing, feed display on sidebar etc.

8. Spider Calendar

The WordPress Event Calendar Plugin by 10Web is both powerful and user friendly. It lets you create unlimited number of customizable calendars for your event. Other details such as venue, organizer and location can also be added to the calendar. 

In case you have many calendars, there’s always an option for organizing these into tags and categories.

To extend the capability of this Spider Calendar Plugin, the platform 10Web offers multiple extensions such as Custom field, embed option, iCal and Google calendar Integration, selling event tickets and a lot more.

8. Social Feed

If your audience hangout on Facebook or you get a good amount of traction and engagement on your Facebook page, this plugin is for you.

The Social Feed Plugin allows you to display Facebook Page feeds on your website. The imported content can be organized into multiple views using beautiful themes. 

You can also set the option for auto update feed that can save tons of time. Other features include animated lightbox option, Display feed on sidebar etc.

There are many other plugins offered by 10Web, each of which are provided with latest and advanced features. The list are as follows – 

  • Google Maps
  • Ecommerce
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics
  • Ad Manager
  • FAQ Plugin
  • Spider Calendar
  • Social Feed
  • Ecommerce .
10Web Backup Dashboard

9. Website Backup Solution

Unlike a self hosted WordPress website where you need to add additional plugins or opt for a third party backup service, 10Web comes with their own backup solution for WordPress.

Where a normal backup (self hosted) requires or consume additional space on the server, 10Web makes an impressive move by providing a free cloud storage space in Amazon S3.

You can easily take a backup of full or selected part of your website OR even schedule for automatic backups on any given intervals such as daily, weekly and monthly.

The differential backup is the thing that most of you will thank for where you can take the backup of only the changes made after the last backup.

10. WordPress Security Service

Similar to the WordPress Backup solution, 10Web also provides stringent measures to safeguard your website from any exploits or from the hackers.

10Web Security

You can scan your website any number of times. The scan can be performed on the entire website or a part of your website such as (only – WordPress/ Plugins/ Theme files/ core) etc. 

Lastly, there’s always an option for setting automatic scans and in case there are any vulnerabilities or changes on any files, you can easily restore the original version.

10Web Security Scheduling

All you need to do is:

  • Sign up for 10Web.
  • Enable the Security service option.
  • Protect your website.

11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all know that optimizing the website for search results is as important as building a great website. Without optimizing your web and content pages, you are no way going to get build credibility and generate organic leads, unless you pay high end fees to some marketing agency.

10Web helps you with that..!

It offers several important features similar to other SEO Plugins to optimize your web pages for better visibility and search engine rankings.

10Web SEO features

You can optimize each post or page and manage the duplicate contents and redirects as well. 

Analyzing your tweaks becomes easy with the analytics report it provides where you can see what search term lead people to visit your website, which can then be used to optimize and generate more traffic.

” How about a preview of your post on the search results or a post on your social media accounts before it goes live? “

Yes you can do all these. You can make necessary changes to make sure your content shows up right, both on the Search and the Social handles.

12. Image Optimizer

Images are one of the resource intensive elements on your website that tend to slow down your website. And anyone whose business relies much on photos and other graphical elements such as a photographer or an online store owner know the real sufferings.

10Web provides an Image optimizer solution that can boost your website speed by 3X

10Web image optimizer settings

The service allows you to reduce the image size by 90% depending upon the mode of compression you choose such as a conservative compress, a balanced or an extreme one. 

To save time, you can also automate the process of image optimization and also optimize all of the images in bulk. Not to forget, you can also covert your images into different formats such as png, jpg, gif and webP.

10Web Image Optimizer

Lastly, It provides reports where you can check all the compression results and statistics.

13. Website Speed Booster

Each of one us rely on speed analysis tool such as GT Metrix or Google page speed to test the website performance.
10Web WordPress Speed Optimizion

And, Why not? Website speed is one of the crucial factors for ranking higher up on the Search engines and improving the user experience.

10Web Performance Check

But with 10Web, You no longer need to switch between multiple browsers or head over to third party analysis tool.

10Web Services provide you with their own performance analysis tool powered by Google Page Speed where you can check your website performance and work accordingly to improve the areas where you lag.

14. Analytics

Analytics is one of those areas that help you measure every effort that you put in your website. And when you’re building your website with 10Web, you have access to powerful analytics report powered by the 10Web Google Analytics WordPress Plugin.

10Web Analytics

All reports related to your content pages or eCommerce, it is directly available on the admin dashboard. If you need to keep track of any specific triggers, you can do so.

You can also import data from your adsense and Google Ads account directly on your dashboard.

In short, you can track almost everything related to your website on your Dashboard. You can get more information about analytics on the official page. 

10Web Subscription Plans and Pricing

10Web offers 3 types of subscription Plans namely Personal, Premium and Agency Plan. Every Plan provide access to all the Themes, Plugins and Services with  monthly and yearly option for payment. 

10Web Pricing Plans
  • no. of website hosted.
  • no. of images optimized.
  • amount of backup storage space.
  • website traffic.
  • SSD Storage.

The price of 10Web Plan starts from just $10/month, here

10Web Review - Final Thoughts

As per our deep research, we can say that 10Web is definitely an Interesting platform who are looking forward to help freelancers, small business owners and agencies.
Right from a website builder to Managed WordPress Hosting, Themes, Premium Plugins, SEO, Speed optimization and a lot more, they are providing every option to create and manage a website on a single platform.
Moreover, the price at which they are offering these products and services is very affordable compared to an agency.
Lastly, I hope this article on 10Web Review provided everything about the Platform.
We would love to know your thoughts on 10Web. If you need any kind of clarifications or you’re already using 10Web. Let us know your experience in the comments below.
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